LaCross Engine Development offers a complete line of performance engines.
Each engine is custom built for your application, from street to track.
We offer a choice of wet sump or dry sump, flat tappet or roller cam,
depending on your needs and prevailing series rules.
LED Dyno tests all engines that are sold.
This ensures the quality of the product.
When you purchase an engine from LED,
you know exactly what you are getting in terms of horsepower and torque
and where in the power curve to expect it.
Chassis Dyno tuning of completed vehicles is also available.

Ford N351 Steel Head Limited Late Model Engine
This engine ran the complete 2008 season at I-77 Speedway and Carolina
Speedway. It won the 2008 Points Championship in the Limited Late Model
Division at I-77 Speedway with Billy “The Kid” Thompson.  
Finished 2nd in the 2008 Points Championship in the Limited Late Model
Division at Carolina Speedway again with Billy “The Kid” Thompson.

Engine has the following… SVO “R” Block, (Dry Sump), Edelbrock Super
Victor Intake, Ford N351 Steel Cylinder Heads, 3.440 Bryant Crankshaft,
Roller Camshaft, Roller Cam Bearings, Lentz Connecting Rods,
Jesel Rockers and Bars. (360 cubic inch/4.080 bore)

In mid August 2008, the engine was refreshed with the following...
New Titanium Valves, New Comp. Cams Springs, New CP Pistons, New Rings
New Wrist Pins, and New Coated Bearings.
*Has only (1) race ran on it since refreshed.
Latest dyno test in mid August 2008 ran over 670 HP.
Engine is sold complete along with headers and carburetor.

Price: $15,000