LaCross Engine Development offers a complete range
of High Performance Engine Services.

Some of those services would be, but not limited to
porting/polishing work for cylinder heads and intake manifolds,
valve jobs, angle milling, epoxy work,   
complete piston and rod machining, installing roller cam bearings,
cylinder honing, align honing, boring, align boring,
and complete engine refreshing.

We also have in-house dyno services available.

We flow test manifolds, carburetors and cylinder heads.

Engines are optimized for customer applications.

Crate motors generating 420 Hp after Dyno tuning and break in,
up to Nextel Cup engines generating in excess of
850 Hp and 575 ft. lbs. of torque across a broad range of RPM.

Due to our design team’s work, our engines develop
horsepower and torque at lower RPM’s than competitors.

Superior design and attention to detail where flow is concerned,
contributes to our ability to produce power across
a wider and flatter power band.

The result is improved durability and better fuel mileage.

Durability has always been important to racers, but as regulating bodies
begin to discuss RPM limits, where you develop your power will become
critical in your choice of engine builder.